Weed Control

Weeds. All of us in the Denver Metro area get them, and we don't want them! It seems like no matter what you do these pesky plants sneak onto your property. "Give them an inch and they will take a mile", as the old saying goes. We don't advise it, but even if you plastic and rock your entire property, guess what... weeds will grow on top of your rock and plastic. Guaranteed!

When trying to control Weeds... Persistence pays Off!

While there is no permanent cure to exclude weeds from your domain... you can keep Crabgrass in turf grass them in check. In lawns it is rather simple. The healthier you keep the grass, the less weeds you will have. Thick dense turf naturally excludes weeds from growing because there simply isn't any space for them to grow.

Keeping your mowing height at 2.5" to 3" helps control certain weeds like spurge, which is a short squatty weed, by shading it out. Scalp your lawn short and expect spurge to grow! Turf quality and density also plays a part in controlling true crabgrass. Crabgrass loves the water stressed parts of your lawn. Along the sidewalks, next to the driveway, near the foundation... all places that are difficult to water. Adjust your sprinklers to better water these areas and crabgrass won't be a problem.

Speaking of Crabgrass

For most property owners in the Denver Metro area, Crabgrass is a general word for any type of grass that is not Kentucky Bluegrass. Real Crabgrass is a short prostrate annual grass. It germinates from seed in the spring, continues to grow all season, sets seed in the fall and dies. Crabgrass can be controlled with pre-emergent herbicides applied in the spring.

Keeping the lawn thick and healthy will also choke out Crabgrass. Very few lawns have a problem with true Crabgrass. Combining healthy turf with pre-emergent weed control and persistence is key to wiping it out.

There are two other common grassy weeds that are mistaken for, or at least called... Crabgrass.

The first is Tall Fescue. This is a wide bladed grass that usually grows in thick clumps. The other is Johnson's grass, which is a pasture grass that spreads by incredibly long under ground stolons. It too is a wide blade grass. Both Tall Fescue and Johnson's grass are perennial grasses. When growing among their perennial cousins... Kentucky Bluegrass and Rye, there are no sprays available to kill one and not the other! The only cure is to kill the offending grass with Roundup® and re-sod the area.

Identifying weed pests is Key to Control

The key to controlling any weed pest is by properly identifying the weed. Then one can choose the proper product or method to proceed with.

At Jones Tree & Lawn, Inc. we offer several services and programs to keep your pesky weeds in check. Give us a call to design a program to fit your needs.

P.S. We always try to leave one Dandelion in the lawn. It's just un-American not to have one.

Do you have persistent problems with weeds in your lawn or beds? To schedule your free Meister or Weed Control estimate call Jones Tree & Lawn, Inc. at 303-431-8132 today!

Dandelion, weeds, control, kill, crabgrass, sprinklers turf, growing, stop

Dandelion, weeds, control, kill, crabgrass, sprinklers turf, growing, stop

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