Plant Health Care

The Plant Health Care division of Jones Tree & Lawn is involved with the application of insecticides, fungicides, repellents, and fertilizers in order to prevent or control plant pest problems and maintain plant health.

Services_Trunk_InjectionWe have been caring for Denver’s trees, shrubs and lawns for over 31 years! Over that time we have learned what problems and pests to expect and can predict for virtually any tree or shrub that can be grown in the Denver Metro area. Over the last 31 years many new products and techniques for controlling insect and diseases have been introduced. We pride ourselves on staying on the cutting edge of emerging technologies. All new products have been tested for their effectiveness before we offer them to our clients.

Plant Health Care programs begin with a visit from one of Certified Arborists PlantHealth_Cytospore_Thumbwho will survey the trees, shrubs and turf on your property. Based on the type of plant material, their present state of health and your goals… we prescribe a list of recommended services in order to address these issues. Practically every plant health care program we design is unique to the property. When you accept the proposal, we generate work orders and at the appropriate times dispatch qualified, trained personnel to perform the various tasks. Many of the insect and disease pests have a small “Window of Opportunity” to achieve maximum control. In order to realize the best results… we need authorization to proceed in a timely fashion so that we don’t miss the “Window of Opportunity”.

Your Customer Care Specialist is always available to address any questions you may have. Plant Health Care programs are a partnership between you and Jones Tree & Lawn. We both work together toward the common goal of keeping your trees, shrubs and lawn healthy, attractive and safe for you to live with.

Some of the methods used to control pests include: traditional spraying, systemic soil injection and trunk injections. Each method has a place in plant health care. Some methods may be more effective than others when controlling certain pests. Your Customer Care representative will prescribe the best methods to control the pests on your trees.

Contact Jones Tree & Lawn for your Plant Health Care appointment today at 303-431-8132.

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