Tree Trimming

With 5 ISA Certified Arborists and 2 ISA Certified Tree Workers on staff, Jones Tree & Lawn, Inc. performs all aspects tree and shrub trimming and removal in the Denver Metro area and foothill communities. In order to insure public safety… as well as safety for our employees, we follow all ANSIZ133.1-2000 Safety Requirements for Arboricultural Operations. From Class one trims to Crown cleaning… we have the experience and know-how to do the job right.  For more Tree Trimming Tips visit our Tree Tips Page.

Trim Work Descriptions

Complete / Class One Trim: Shall consist of Crown clean; removal of dead, diseased, Services_Trim_Thumbdying limbs, broken limbs and branch stubs to 1/2″ diameter and larger where practical. Crown thinning, selective thinning of densely growing limbs at branch ends as well as removal of crossing and interfering limbs. Limbs interfering with buildings, adjacent plants, or that need to be elevated over streets, side walks, walkways will either be removed or their growth pattern redirected where possible.

Class Two Trim: Essentially the same as a Class one trim except that limbs 1″ diameter and larger will be targeted.

Crown clean / Deadwood Pruning: Removal of dead, dying, diseased, broken limbs and stubs shall be removed. A target diameter will be worked out with the property owner.

Special Instructions: Any special instructions such as “Remove lowest limb over driveway, or Crown raise, etc.” will be specified on the work estimate.

Removal: Terms such as “Remove down to a stump” or “Cut off as low as possible” are used index_image01to describe tree or shrub removals. This means that all above ground portions of the tree or shrub will be cut down to a stump and disposed of. Stumps cannot be cut flush to the ground with a chainsaw.

Grind Stump: A stump grinding machine is used to extract the stump and root flare. Stumps are removed down to a minimum depth of 6″. Surface roots if present and if specified on the estimate can also be extracted. All chips and debris will be cleaned up and disposed of unless otherwise specified. For more information on stump grinding see our Stump Removal page.

Grub Stump: A tree or shrub stump is removed manually by digging it out from the ground.


Shrub Pruning Descriptions

Shear: Using gas or electric powered shears to shape deciduous or evergreen shrubs, usually rounded. This produces a formal neat appearance.

Hand Prune: Using hand pruners a shrub is shaped leaving a less formal more natural look.

Deadwood: Old dead stems are pruned out of the shrub.

Cut off to Rejuvenate: The entire shrub is cut down to a few inches above ground. This method may be suggested for old, over grown deciduous shrubs. It is only done while the plant is dormant and forces it to start anew the following spring.

Our Guarantee to you
Jones Tree & Lawn, Inc. guarantees that all tree and shrub care work will be done according to ANSI A300 Standards Practices for Tree Care. Should any work performed not meet these standards you will not be charged until such standards have been met!

Call Jones Tree & Lawn for your free Tree Trimming estimate today at 303-431-8132.

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