Stump Removal

The end result of having a tree or shrub die, or having a tree or shrub removed… is a stump. When you’re left with a stump you essentially have two options. One is to keep the stump around and perhaps use it for a flower potholder or as a table base. We at Jones Tree & Lawn, Inc. call these “Pet Stumps” because like a good pet, they never run away.

The second option is to have the stump removed. Some methods of stump removal include Services_Stump_Thumbdigging them out of the ground by hand… not fun at all, trust me on this one! Yanking them out with a truck and chain, which can lead to costly vehicle repairs, or digging them out with large heavy machinery like a back hoe, which can be very expensive. The best and most economical option for removing a stump is to use a machine designed to remove stumps, called a “Stump Grinder”.

Jones Tree & Lawn’s stump grinder is very efficient and powerful.  In most cases if we can get our machine to the stump, it is history. There are some limitations though. For back yard stumps we need a minimum gate opening of 36″ with a straight and level shot to the area where the stump is.  The mulch created from grinding stumps is especially useful for mulching bed areas. If you have a use for the mulch created by the stump grinder let us know before we start the job.

Services_Stump_Thumb2Prior to removing a stump we need to visit the property in order to determine a cost for the job and to verify that we can get our stump grinder to the stump. After inspecting the site we will provide you with a written estimate for removal of your stump. Upon acceptance of the estimate we can schedule a stump removal appointment that fits into your schedule.

Call Jones Tree & Lawn for your free stump removal estimate at 303-431-8132.

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