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All of the articles below have been provided courtesy of Colorado State University and are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. If you don’t have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader Click Here to download it.

Insect and Disease Pest Articles


Aspen and Popular Leaf Spots
Bacterial Wetwood
Cytospora Canker
Cooley Spruce Galls
Douglas Fir Tussock
Dwarf Mistletoe Management
Dutch Elm Disease
Enviro Disorders of Woody Plants
Honeylocust Diseases
Juniper and Hawthorn Rust
Oystershell Scale
Pinion Pine Diseases & Insects
Sycamore Anthracnose

Insect Pests:

Aphids on Shade Trees
Apple and Pear Insects
Backyard Orchards – Apples and Pears
Backyard Orchards – Stone Fruits
Brownhead Ash Sawfly
Box Elder Bugs
Conifer Seed Bugs
Douglas Fire Tussock Moths
Elm Leaf Beetles
Gypsy Moth
Honeylocust Pests
Honeysuckle Witches Broom Aphid
Insect and Mite Galls
IPS Beetle
Leafmining Insects
Mountain Pine Beetle
Peach Tree Borer
Pear Slugs
Pine Tip Moths
Pinion Pine Pests
Ponderosa Pine Budworm
Ponderosa Pine Needle Miners
Poplar Twiggall Fly
Scale on Conifer Trees
Shade Tree Borers
Stone Fruit Insects
Tent Caterpillars
Western Spruce Bud Worms
Zimmerman Pine Moth

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Tree & Shrub Care Articles

Trees and Shrubs:

Deciduous Shrubs
Deciduous Trees – Large
Evergreen Shrubs
Evergreen Trees
Native Shrubs for Colorado Landscapes
Native Trees for Colorado Landscapes
Small Deciduous Trees
Tree Growth and Decay
Tree Placement
Tree Selection
Trees & Shrubs for Mountain Communities
Trees for Xeriscaping

Tree and Shrub Care:

Care of Young Transplanted Trees
Caring For Trees During Dry Times
Diagnosing Tree Disorders
Environmental Disorders of Woody Plants
Fall/Winter Tree Watering
Fall Tree Watering Times
Healthy Roots & Healthy Trees
How to Plant Trees & Shrubs
Mulches for Home Grounds
How Deep Should I Plant My Trees
Mulching with Natural Materials
Protecting Trees during Construction
Pruning Cuts
Pruning Deciduous Trees
Pruning Evergreens Part 1
Pruning Evergreens Part 2
Pruning Flowering Shrubs
Pruning & Training Fruit Trees
Pruning Shrubs
Pruning Mature Shade Trees
Soil Compaction
Spring Tree Watering Times
Structural Training of Trees – Central Leader


Drip Irrigation for Home Gardens

Lawn Care:

General Lawn Care

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