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At Jones Tree & Lawn, Inc. we are dedicated to provide the best service we can to care for your trees, shrubs, lawn and landscape. We service the entire Denver Metro area and surrounding foothill communities. As Arborists we strive to make a difference to our communities and the planet one tree at a time.

Tree Trimming
With 5 ISA Certified Arborists and 2 ISA Certified Tree Workers on staff, Jones Tree and Lawn, Inc. performs all aspects tree and shrub trimming.
Plant Healthcare
The Plant Health Care division is involved with the application of insecticides, fungicides, repellents, & fertilizers in order to prevent plant pest problems & maintain plant health.
Insect / Disease Control
Every species of tree and shrubs have pest problems specific to them.
Lawn Care
We believe that lawn care does not have to be complicated. Simply put turf grass needs proper mowing, aerating, water, sunshine & quality nutrients & weed control to look good.
Weed Control
While there is no permanent cure to exclude weeds from your domain you can keep Crabgrass in turf grass them in check.
“Tree Doctors Still Make House Calls” is our motto! If you think your tree is ill or have some concern or general questions give us a call.
Landscape Enhancement
Being in the business of maintaining landscape plants & trees in the Denver Metro area, we have witnessed just about every landscape design mistake possible!
Stump Removal
We at Jones Tree and Lawn, Inc. call these “Pet Stumps” because like a good pet, they never run away.
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