We Do Not Provide Lawn Mowing Services

Jones Tree & Lawn, Inc. does not provide lawn mowing services. The following tips are here to help you do the job right

Mowing Kentucky Bluegrass in the Denver Metro Area

The ideal mowing height for Kentucky Bluegrass in Colorado and the Denver Metro area is 2.5″. Any shorter and you run the risk of stressing the lawn and causing it to dry out and burn. Keeping the mowing height at 2.5″ to 3″ helps reduce water loss and evaporation. With my own lawn I will increase the mowing height to 3″ when it gets really hot… usually in July and August. When it starts to cool down I go back to 2.5″.

The result it Tattered and Frayed Tips!

Keep your mover blade sharp! Dull blades tear the grass as opposed to slicing it. This results in a tattered and frayed tip at the end of the grass blade.

Avoid cutting off more than 1/3rd of the length of the grass blade. If your blade height is set at 3″, cut the lawn when it is 4″ tall. The best way to check the blade height (with the machine off) is to park your machine on level concrete and measure the distance between the concrete and the cutting blade. Make any necessary adjustments to set the blade to 2.5″ or 3″ height. Every lawn mower is different on how to adjust height. It is the “blade” height that matters when determining cutting height.

You don’t need to Catch the Clippings!

If you follow the 1/3rd rule you don’t need to catch the clippings. Just let them fly! Grass clippings are not thatch. By weight grass clippings are mostly water! The rest is organic matter and nutrients. The clippings do more good being returned back to the lawn than they do in a landfill dump!

When possible, change the direction that you mow. Just like combing your hair the same way all the time, mowing in the same pattern, week after week trains the grass to lie a certain way. Changing directions stirs up this pattern and helps to produce a better looking cut. It also helps reducing rutting of the soil.

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Jones Tree & Lawn, Inc. does not provide lawn mowing services.

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