Tree Care along the Front Range

Fact: There are maybe only four tree species native to the Denver Metro area, along the Front Range and the Eastern plains of Colorado. None of these trees are wide spread across the area. Most are found along rivers or in isolated locations. How then is it possible to have so many trees in the Front Range cities?

Services_TreeCare_ThumbIt took me along time to figure this out but the answer became obvious… Bluegrass! Everyone wants a nice lawn and the only way to have a nice lawn is by supplemental irrigation. Trees are generally planted in the lawn. Thus a mutually beneficial situation was created. We want grass so we water grass and the trees come along for the ride!

When trees are planted in rock-covered areas with minimal or no irrigation they grow poorly and eventually die.

When we plant Trees… we are making an investment in money and time!

When we plant trees we are making an investment in money and time! With proper speciesServices_TreeCare_Thumb1 selection and location this investment can appreciate in value. It takes about 20 years to grow a decent size tree. Choosing the right tree in the beginning is the key to a long-term friendship. My favorite saying is “Know it before you Grow it”.

Key tree selection considerations are:

    • Is the tree or shrub hardy to the area?
    • Is the location correct for the species?
    • Is my soil type compatible for the tree?
    • Are there any power lines overhead?
    • Will my neighbor want the tree hanging in their yard?
    • What are the tree or shrubs known problems?
    • How big will the tree or shrub grow?
    • How will I meet the water demands of the tree?

These are the top questions to answer before you buy and plant a tree. If you don’t know the answers to the questions above, the experts at Jones Tree & Lawn can help you make an informed tree or shrub selection by calling 303-431-8132 to schedule an appointment.

Too often beautiful Trees have to be Destroyed!

Services_TreeCare_Thumb2I’ve seen it time and time again… too often mature trees have to be destroyed because careful thought was not given prior to planting.

Not only do we loose a valuable tree, but we are also out the 20 or 30 years of time it took to grow it. Most people only have three or four 20 year time spans in which they can see a tree grow to its fullest potential.
Invest your money and time wisely!

Our Guarantee to you
Jones Tree & Lawn, Inc. guarantees that all tree and shrub care work will be done according to ANSI A300 Standards Practices for Tree Care. Should any work performed not meet these standards you will not be charged until such standards have been met!

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