Insect and Disease Control – via Sprays and Systemic Treatments

Why do we spray Trees?

Every species of tree and shrubs have pest problems specific to them. Take spruce trees. Their common pests include; Tussock moth, Cooley spruce gall adeligid, Spruce bud worm, Conifer aphids, Mites, Pine needle scale, and Cytospora canker, to mention a few.

Ash trees have problems with Ash borer, Curl leaf ash aphid, Oyster shell scale, Brown headed ash sawfly and Anthracnose leaf fungus disease. Honey locust trees get Honey locust plants bugs, Leafhoppers, Spider mites and Thyronectria canker. Aspen trees have an entire book dedicated to all of their problems. And the list goes on and on! It seems as if you try to grow it and something wants to eat it.

Jones Tree & Lawn cares for Trees

Being in the business of caring for trees… we know what attacks what, when the best times to treat for them is, the proper control products to use… and Jones Tree & Lawn has the specialized equipment to do the job right!

LawnTips_MiteTurf_ThumbWhen we go out to treat your trees, shrubs and lawns we generally call ahead to let you know when we will be out. In order to do the job safely we ask that you close windows, move cars away from trees to be sprayed, pick up any toys, dog food bowls, etc, take down bird feeders, bring in clothes off the line, and to keep pets indoors. Basically, if you don’t want spray on it, it needs to be moved or covered. Immobile objects like swing sets should be rinsed off after we are done.

Safety comes first when Spraying Trees

The safety of you, the public and our technicians is our first concern. We require our applicators to where all label specified personal protective equipment. They are trained to secure the area before spraying. If they see a hazard that cannot be secured then we pass on the job until the situation can be made safe.

Once the listed plants have been treated the technician will leave a door card stating what job we did, the target pest, what we used, the mix rate, any special instructions, and any comments you need to be aware of. When we are done we leave a yellow pesticide warning flag in the yard. This flag warns the public that pesticides have been applied. The flag can be removed by you anytime after we leave. Pets and people can re-enter treated areas as soon as the spray has dried, usually in about 30 minutes or so.

Jones Tree & Lawn is a licensed Pesticide Applicator

Being a Licensed Colorado Pesticide Applicator we do everything we can to do your job safely and efficiently and to protect and enhance the value of your landscape plants.

Call Jones Tree & Lawn for your free tree spraying estimate at 303-431-8132.

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