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LawnTips_MiteTurf_ThumbIn the Denver Metro area we are fortunate to have to address only a few lawn and turf Lawn damaged by Grass or Clover mites – Click to enlarge pests. These insects include: grubs, sod webworm, bill bugs and cut worms. Turf is also susceptible to Banks grass mites and clover mites. Each pest has its own method to be controlled. Fortunately these insect pests are not wide spread in the Denver area.

Jones Tree & Lawn, Inc. deals with insect problems on a case-by-case basis and does not spray across the board for all our customers.

Voles can create Major Turf Problems

Vole & Snow Mold Damage – A Vole is a small rodent that occasionally invades yards. Voles are about the size of a big mouse. Normally they live in fields, open space areas, along ditches and other natural areas. As urban sprawl and development gobbles up open areas Voles will move into your yard. Voles also migrate to yards naturally in the fall to find shelter and food.Vole_Snow_Mold_Thumb

Vole Damaged Junipers – Voles love to nest under Tammy junipers and will eat the bark off stems, causing the damaged stem to die. On occasion they will tunnel through the lawn, making little highways from one place to the next. This tunneling through the lawn is most noticeable after the snow melts off the grass.


The voles chew off the grass at the ground as they make their way across the yard. Grass damaged by voles will usually fill back in by itself. However they can kill junipers and other shrubs that they feed on. Animal “hot sauce” repellents work well to protect junipers and shrubs from Vole damage.

Here’s some additional articles provided courtesy of Colorado State University



Bill Bugs and White Grubs

Clover and Other Mites of Turf Grass

Sod Webworms and Cutworms

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