Lawn and Turf Irrigation

In Colorado, water is always the limiting factor to having a great lawn. In fact the quality of your lawn is directly proportional to the amount of water you give it. There is, however, an “over kill” factor one must consider. Too much water can do more harm than good. Proper watering is more important than any other lawn care practice. The best fertilizers are useless if you don’t water. The best lawnmower is useless if you don’t water.

The most common Problem is lack of Uniform Distribution

When Jones Tree & Lawn, Inc. receives complaints from our lawn care clients about their lawn (which isn’t very often) virtually every complaint turns out to be a water related issue. The most common problem is lack of uniform water distribution. Some parts of the lawn are getting water while others are not getting enough. You can bet that the green healthy sections are nice and moist while the brown crispy areas are dry as a bone! Simple sprinkler systems adjustments often remedy the situation.

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