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Lawn Care – Our Simple Approach

Our approach to Lawn Care is a bit different than most lawn companies.

We believe that lawn care does not have to be complicated for you. Simply put… healthy turf grass needs proper mowing, aerating, water, sunshine, quality nutrients and weed control.

Jones Tree & Lawn pioneered the use of the latest technologies by utilizing New Slow Release Fertilizers in the Denver Metro area back in 1996. In 2003 we converted all our lawns applications to these newer products and have never looked back. Since we made the switch we have cut our number of application visits from 5 to 4 and we still produce a great looking lawn. We will continue to research and test better products as they become available.

Our Meister Lawn Care Program includes:

  • 4 applications of Stabilized Balanced Nutrients that last all season.
  • Spring Crabgrass and annual weed control.
  • Broadleaf weed control throughout season.
  • Free service calls anytime upon request.

We can also modify your program to “nutrients only” if weed control is not an issue for you.

The competition has yet to utilize these products for one reason… Money!

They sell applications, in some cases, as many as 7-8 treatments per season. The more times they visit your property the more money they can charge you. Don’t get us wrong; we like to make money too. However, we want to make your life a bit simpler, do a great job, provide the highest quality products and in turn save you some money and time.

Our Products versus The Competition

We use a Stabilizer Technology with our fertilizers. This enables the nutrients to stay on target and be available to the turf for as much as twice the time that traditional products last. This not only maintains a consistent beauty to your landscape but is more environmentally responsible. We formulate all our treatments in house with all the necessary micro-nutrients. Nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, iron and sulfur are all carefully formulated and applied at the proper time of the year. This produces a thick, green and healthy lawn from the root system UP! Additional supplements are utilized such as Soil Surfactants and Humic Acid. Surfactants help aid in getting water to the root system. (similar to Revive but has a 4X longer residual) Humic Acid increases nutrient uptake and unlocks existing tied up nutrients in the soil.

On site check-ups are included with your Meister Lawn Care program!

The program also includes monitoring the condition of your lawn while we are on site and we will make you aware of any issues that we see. Also, we don’t just apply the fertilizer and leave you to fend for yourself. Producing a nice healthy lawn is a partnership between you and us. Should you have questions or concerns we are just a phone call away.

Insect and Disease control: Occasionally some lawns will experience other problems that have to be assessed on an individual basis. First we diagnose the exact disease or insect infestation. We advise you what cultural practices necessary to avoid or correct these problems. Often it’s necessary to supplement additional treatments to address your individual lawn care needs.

Jones Tree & Lawn offers spring and fall aeration services. We also know a great deal about how to care for lawns in general. From watering tips to mowing heights, we share this information freely with our clients because the better your lawn looks… the better we look!

Our Guarantee to you


Working together… Jones Tree & Lawn, Inc. guarantees that you will see a noticeable improvement in the condition of your lawn… or we will refund your money!

To schedule your free Lawn Care estimate call 303-431-8132.

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