Landscape Enhancement – Giving new life to old Landscape

Making your landscape look its best… is our primary goal!

Japanese MapleOver time almost anything starts to wear out. The same thing happens in the landscape. Shrubs that were once cute and attractive… become overgrown. Many years ago the area may have been in full sun, today the trees have matured and the same area in now in the shade, the shrubs have become spindly and the grass can’t grow. Perhaps the wrong tree was planted too close to a building and is now causing damage.

These are but a couple of examples where Landscape Enhancement from Jones Tree & Lawn can help revitalize your site.

Being in the business of maintaining landscape plants and trees in the Denver Metro area, we have witnessed just about every landscape design mistake possible! Learning from the mistakes of others, as well as our own successes… we can apply this experience to almost any situation.

We specialize in Landscape Enhancement

A typical job might consist of removal of overgrown shrubs, possibly installing an edger to separate the lawn from the new plant bed, planting shrubs and maybe some perennial flowers that are better suited for the site, possibly a new tree, maybe some hardscape features like boulders, and finishing the area with mulch.

We also sell and plant Trees for our Metro Denver Clients

Services_LE_imageOur experience and knowledge of all the trees that grow in the Denver Metro area give you a big advantage over shopping at big box garden centers. They are only interested in selling you a tree… any tree!

We take the time to visit with you at your property, survey the site, ask what your goals are, and recommend a list of deciduous or evergreen trees that are best suited to the site.

Trees are an investment in both money and more importantly time!

It takes about 20 years to grow a nice tree. Make an educated choice from the beginning and your tree should be around for a lifetime. Make a bad choice and it will cause nothing but heartache; a big expense to remove it leaving nothing to show for that expense except for a stump, and many years of your life gone by. We always recommend consulting with an arborist before buying a tree.

Contact Jones Tree & Lawn for your free personal estimate today at 303-431-8132.

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