Firewood for sale

A direct result of tree trimming and tree removals is waste wood… and lots of it! We collect an amazing array of wood species throughout the year, Ash, Apple, Aspen, Elm, Locust, Ailanthus, Maple, Walnut, Linden and some Pine and Spruce to mention a few.


FirewoodWe sell Premium Split Firewood which consists of a mix of Ash, Locust, Maple, Aspen, Ailanthus, Linden, and some Pine. A half cord is currently priced at $160.00. A full cord is $280.00. You load and haul away. A fourth cord is $85.00
Prices are subject to change so please call for current pricing.

For those who can not pickup their firewood we can deliver and dump either half cords or full cords of our premium split firewood for $60.00 per delivery within a 6 mile radius of our shop. We do not stack your firewood, but we can dump your load where ever we can safely get the truck to.

We also have in limited supply fruit wood, mostly apple, but some cherry, peach and apricot, available for the bar-b-Que or smoker.  Fruit wood is sold either by the piece or in bulk. Call for pricing. $750.00 per cord, $400.00 for a half cord and $200.00 for a fourth cord.

Less than a 1/4 = $0.75 per piece. 

Wood purchasing is available Monday thru Friday from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Call Jones Tree & Lawn, Inc. at 303-431-8132 for supply availability.

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