“Denver Metro Tree Doctors Still Make House Calls”

“Tree Doctors Still Make House Calls” is our motto! If you think your tree is ill or have some concern or general questions about your trees, shrubs or lawn… give us a call. For a fee we offer the following services.

  • On site insect, disease and cultural problem diagnosis

A Certified Arborist inspects and determines the problem and when applicable prescribes a plan of action

  • Tree Preservation plans… Prior to construction

Services_ConstructionTo often we are called in too late to help save a tree impacted by construction. If you are planning any type of construction any where near a tree… call us before you start! Contractors seem to think that if the tree doesn’t tip over it’s going to be okay. Wrong! Damage to root systems, soil compaction, injury to trunks and limbs can cause the tree to die slowly… long after the contractor is gone.
Having prior knowledge on what to expect from construction and it’s real impact on living trees can save you a lot of heart ache and in some cases a lot of money. Where and when possible we can design a “Tree Preservation Plan” to save valuable trees.

  • Tree Value Appraisals

Trees generally appreciate in value as time passes. Appraisals establish a monetary value based on species, location, condition and other factors.

  • Hazard Tree Evaluation

Trees are a crucial part of our environment, both in urban and natural settings. As they grow and mature the physical weight becomes enormous. This weight and mass Services_Hazard_Thumbtowering over our heads is truly an engineering marvel provided by nature. However, any tree has the potential to fall down or break apart and possibly damage something or injure or kill someone. There are certain natural defects in growth patterns, decay and mechanical injury that can predispose a tree to failure. Included bark, large co-dominant trunks, decay in trunks and limbs, missing bark, lightning strikes, old topping injury, mushrooms growing at the base, cracked limbs and many more symptoms can indicate a potential hazard. The potential targets under and around trees are also factors to be considered when assessing Hazard Trees. If you own a tree, you are responsible for it’s safety. An assessment of their condition can determine if further action should be taken.

  • Educate and Inform Walkthrough

A useful service for tree novices who may not know what’s growing on their property and what type of care may be needed to enhance and protect their investment. Tap into our expertise and experience to learn about your landscape!

  • Pre purchase tree inspections

Often times the presence of large mature trees is a deciding factor when one purchases a home. However, we have seen many times when people unknowingly purchase a dead or dying tree along with the home. Depending on its size and location a tree removal can cost anywhere from a few hundred to few thousand dollars to remove. Anyone buying a home hires an inspector to evaluate the condition of the home and its appliances so they know what they are getting into. Costs to rectify any problems are then negotiated with the seller. The same thing can be done dead or dying trees. For a fee an ISA Certified Arborist will inspect the trees at the property and give you a report as to their general health and if there are any major issues such as dead or dying trees on the property we will give you an estimate to mitigate the problem. If you purchase the home we would be happy to continue the relationship to help you care for your purchase.

Contact Jones Tree & Lawn for your consultation appointment today at 303-431-8132.

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